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Volume I, Issue 22

  • Science
    The Crisis Up Close: Wandering our warming world
    by Natalie Angier

    NY Times science writer Natalie Angier reviews the book "Adventures in the Anthropocene: A Journey to the Heart of the Planet We Made," by Gaia Vince, which takes on the current state of global warming.

  • History
    Life in a World without Landmarks
    by Jenny Sinclair

    The author delves into the history of nineteenth century sea crossings from Britain to Australia, reading the journals of many who made the crossing and searching for a modern equivalent of the harsh unknown.

  • Critics
    Books: Cthulhu for President
    by Michael Dirda

    Washington Post book critic Michael Dirda looks at three books on the life and supernatural writing of author H.P. Lovecraft, chronicling how "Lovecraft has moved from cult writer to cultural icon."

  • Current Affairs
    All in One: An Interview with Tomi Ungerer
    by Sarah Cowan

    Sarah Cowan interviews the satirical and political cartoonist/artist Tomi Ungerer, touching on his childhood growing up in Nazi-occupied Alsace up to his recent exhibition in New York and thoughts on the Charlie Hebdo attack.

  • Current Affairs
    “Serial,” Urgency, and “A Death in Belmont”
    by Aimee Liu

    Author Aimee Liu finally caves to her friends' advice and checks out the wildly popular NPR podcast "Serial" and digs deeper to try and understand how host Sarah Koenig managed to hook more than three million listeners with her documentary.

  • Fiction
    Bird with One Wing
    by Peter Markus

    A wonderfully imaginative story that reads like a children's fable told from multiple competing perspectives, each one as rich and creative as the next.

  • Sports
    The Last Days of Football
    by Stephen Squibb

    The author sifts through all the Super Bowl hype to find a sport and a league that he suggests may be nearing its dying days despite currently dominating the North American sports landscape in terms of popularity and revenue.

  • Current Affairs
    Taking Care of Our Own
    by Ricardo Nuila

    The author, a practicing internal-medicine doctor in Houston, recounts how undocumented immigrants have access to and are given care at his hospital, and asks if this model might work for the entire country.

  • Poetry
    In an Old Hotel
    by Judith Vollmer

    A lovely poem about—as far as I can tell—a woman who comes home one night and sifts through her pockets finding that everything in them reminds her or everything, across both time and space. And even if that's wrong, it's still very nice.

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