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This notice exists because we recognise that web search engine/portal queries often contain sensitive personal data.

We take our responsibility to protect your personal data very seriously, and implement measures to minimise the risks posed to you and your personal data.

By design we do not record the contents of search queries, so that in case of a breach of our services a hacker would not be able to see past queries (but might be able to see future queries).

Computer security is a complex field, and while strenuous efforts are made to safeguard your query data, it is important to bear in mind the possibility that queries could nonetheless fall into the wrong hands despite our best efforts.

Who we are and how you can contact us

We are High Browse Ltd, a web search portal. You can contact us using the email address contact@highbrow.se

Purpose and lawful basis for processing personal data

Information is processed on a legitimate interests basis to deliver search results in response to search queries.

Who we share personal data with

None - we don't record, process, or share personal data.

Hetzner Online GmbH is used to host our services. They, and your ISP and/or VPN provider may still be able to see that your IP address is accessing this service.

Countries or organizations outside the EU

None others, though we ourselves are a UK-based company outside the EU. GDPR is retained in UK domestic law as UK GDPR.

The UK has some legislation which is highly invasive of privacy, but the more invasive aspects of which are relevant to Communication Service Providers which in spirit means telecommunications companies, and not web search portals like High Browse.

We do not share personal data with any US companies. US companies are obliged to comply with the PRISM program which several European court judgements have indicated to be incompatible with GDPR.

Retention periods for personal data

No personal data is retained.

Your rights in respect of processing personal data

You have the following rights in respect of processing.

You explicitly do have the right to object to processing of your personal data.

Right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority

Each EU Member State has a designated data protection supervisory authority.

Individuals have the right to raise a complaint with the supervisory authority in the Member State where they live, where they work, or where the infringement took place.

If you are based in the UK, you can complain to the ICO by calling their helpline on 0303 123 1113.